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The Inland Sea: Reflections
The Inland Sea: Reflections
Our Price: $17.95

The Inland Sea: Reflections – new Audio Book of Lake Poetry by Daniel Lusk published by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

The latest collaboration between Vermont poet Daniel Lusk and the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum has produced the audio book Inland Sea: Reflections. “The Inland Sea,” an old name for the broad lake east of the Champlain Islands, evokes the connection the poet hopes to make between what lies beneath the waters, and our inner selves. In the audio book, Lusk reads 19 recent poems inspired by more than two years of research, interviews with divers, exploring the discoveries of archaeologists, marine biologists, geologists, historians and folklorists – and his own experiences on the lake in all weather.

“Science is not the antithesis of wonder,” muses Lusk, “Indeed, wonder is often what prompts scientific inquiry.” His own fascination with Lake Champlain’s titanic eons of geological evolution, and millennia of natural and human history launched Lusk’s Lake Champlain research and writing project, funded by grants from the Vermont Arts Endowment and UVM. The resulting 37 poems were published by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in 2011 in the volume Lake Studies: Meditations on Lake Champlain.

A naturalist and singer as well as writer, Lusk now shares these poems about the lake and its creatures in a personal and intimate recording, inviting us to welcome this melding of knowledge, mystery and lore into our own experience and inner lives. A Senior Lecturer in English Emeritus of the University of Vermont, Lusk is available for poetry readings, workshops, and master classes in poetry writing and teaching. Lusk can be reached at .

Inland Sea: Reflections
1 Introduction (:35)
2 A Note to the Listener (1:19)
3 Prelude (:49)
4 Story (1:14)
5 Drowned Lands (1:30)
6 People (1:30)
7 Nocturne (1:30)
8 Nighthawks (1:08)
9 Vessel (3:15)
10 Lake Apparition (2:56)
11 Hither (1:35)
12 Au Clair de la Lune (3:13)
13 Roa, Rabbit (3:25)
14 Backroom of the Alchemist (1:09)
15 Etude (1:34)
16 Souls by Water (3:01)
17 Lepistoste Osseux (0:00)
18 Diaptomus among the Daphnia (2:33)
19 Salon Noir (:58)
20 Seeing the Bottom Off Thompson’s Point (:33)
21 Sunset on Malletts Bay (1:20)

Total Playing Time: 35 minutes

Sails and Steam in the Mountains: A Military History of Lake George and Lake Champlain
Sails and Steam in the Mountains: A Military History of Lake George and Lake Champlain
Our Price: $29.00

By Russell Bellico
No lakes have a greater claim to American history than Lake George and Lake Champlain. In this richly illustrated account, historian and diver Russell Bellico moves through the military and commercial periods on these strategic lakes, drawing from historic accounts and images, shipwrecks, and other submerged cultural material.
"Bellico's book meticulously traces the history of these two lakes. In all of this material Bellico presents much primary data as well as a complex synthesis of events. . .the volume also offers copious textual and citation footnotes and additional page-end comments...Exquisite photographs provide a counterpoint to the historical illustrations in the text." -- American Neptune: A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History 2001, Softcover, 396 pages,
Lake Champlain: An Illustrated History
Lake Champlain: An Illustrated History
Our Price: $44.95

This gorgeous oversize hardcover book celebrates the natural and human sagas of our signature waterway in hundreds of photos, maps and illustrations. Entertaining and insightful, Lake Champlain is destined to be a must-read for the 2009 quadricentennial and beyond.
Foreword by Senator Patrick Leahy.
Contributions by Christopher Shaw, Tom Henry, Laura Hollowell, William A. Haviland and John G. Crock, Russell Bellico, Ginger Gellman and Scott A. McLaughlin, and Mark Bushnell.

220 pp. Hardcover