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Tools and Gadgets
Tools and Gadgets
Our Price: $7.95

By Bobbie Kalman

This book from the "Historic Communities" series helps the reader identify gadgets used in the past by farmers, millers, woodworkers, metalworkers, doctors and printers.

32 pp. Softcover.
Recollections of the Erie canal
Recollections of the Erie canal
Our Price: $11.00

Written by Richard G.Garrity

"This 36 page booklet is fresh and sparkling, written in the language of an old time canaller.  The reader is taken below the deck of a canal boat and is shown around the cabin; he trodes the dusty towpath behind the span of hard-working mules and he learns the secret of steering canal boats around a treacherous bend.  Most important of all, the reader discovers that life on the Old Erie, frugal and difficult as it was, could also have its humorous and pleasant side."

1966, Softcover, 36 pages.
New York State Canals
New York State Canals
Our Price: $12.00

Written by F. Daniel Larkin

A comprehensive history of every canal built in the state, this concise book tells the story of the many canals that thrived in contrast to those that did not survive. The building of the Erie Canal in particular launched New York State into the canal era of the eighteenth century.

93 pp. Softcover 1998.
Boaters and Broomsticks
Boaters and Broomsticks
Our Price: $13.95

By Lionel D. Wyld

This is a book of historical sketches, tales, and folk stories that are sure to delight the wide audience of canal lovers.  Drawn from the author’s collection of folklore material and photographs, Boaters and Broomsticks is a great addition to canal literature.

151 pp. Softcover 1986.
Canal Canaries and Other Tough Old Birds
Canal Canaries and Other Tough Old Birds
Our Price: $15.00

By Russell Van Dervoort
This fascinating family memoir chronicles the lives of a successful and hard-working New York State canal family, the Van Dervoorts. Author Russell W. D. Van Dervoort's family has worked the New York State waterways for two centuries -- since the dawn of steam technology and Robert Fulton's steamboat Clermont. This work is richly illustrated with well over one hundred photographs, original documents, and diary entries from the Van Dervoort family. They captained tugboats on the Hudson River and Erie Canal, lived year-round on the water, and witnessed countless changes, from slow mule-driven tows to the massive diesel-powered barges of the twentieth century Champlain Barge Canal. Published by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. 152pp. Softcover, 2010
Wedding of the Waters
Wedding of the Waters
Our Price: $15.95

Written by Peter L. Bernstein

The building of the Erie Canal is one of the greatest stories of American ingenuity. This book examines the social, political and economic ramifications of this project.

381pp. Softcover.  2005.
Lighthouse Handbook New England
Lighthouse Handbook New England
Our Price: $16.95

Written by Jeremy D'Entremont

For those looking for guide and reference, this book is a treasure trove of facts, figures, history and floklore surrounding every lighthouse in New England.   This is not another coffee table display of lighthouses, but a companion of travel.  There is information on how to get to each light for visiting or viewing, contact information, and numerous side trips to museums andsites of interest.

2012, Softcover, 435 pages
Erie Canal : Exploring New York's Great Canals
Erie Canal : Exploring New York's Great Canals
Our Price: $19.95

The Erie Canal: Great Destinations is the first comprehensive travel guide to New York State Canals and the communities and attractions found along them.
Each chapter covers one canal, providing historical background as well as information on wineries, canal museums, restaurants, lodging, canal cruises and bike paths in all the major cities, many of the small towns and villages, and the two biggest Finger Lakes. The guide offers separate sections on Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, Utica, and Rochester and their outlying areas, as well as a chapter on Niagara Falls. With coverage of three smaller canals in the region (the Oswego, Champlain, and Cayuga-Seneca) this is undoubtedly the most extensive guide to the canalways of the state.  Paperback.  320pp.
The Steamboats of Lake Champlain-softcover
The Steamboats of Lake Champlain-softcover
Our Price: $19.99

Written by Ogden Ross

This book presents a detailed history of steamboats and ferries on the lake with a forward by Art Cohn on recent developments in Champlain Valley nautical archaeology.

1930, Softcover, 207 pp.
Lake Champlain. Through stunning historical images from the archives of Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and other regional collections, Lake Champlain tells the story of this busy commercial corridor and pastoral recreational destination.
Lake Champlain
Our Price: $21.99

Researched, written, and complied by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.

Nestled between the Adirondacks of New York and Vermont’s Green Mountains, Lake Champlain offers 120 miles of tranquil beauty with a rich, bustling history. Picturesque waterfront communities established in the 18th century recall the era when the Champlain Valley’s natural resources—iron, lumber, granite, marble, and potash—were shipped to distant ports on lake sloops and schooners. By the early 19th century, Lake Champlain was connected with the canals of New York and Quebec, and the resulting economic boom lasted for 100 years. Apples, hay, bricks, and finished goods were shipped on thousands of workaday canal boats that were also floating family homes. Massive steamboats carried travelers and tourists drawn to the fresh country air, and lakefront camps sprang up everywhere. Automobiles traveled over Lake Champlain on ferries and bridges. Through stunning historical images from the archives of Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and other regional collections, Lake Champlain tells the story of this busy commercial corridor and pastoral recreational destination. Published by Arcadia Publishing, as part of their Images of America Series.

128 pages, softcover.