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The Inland Sea: Reflections
The Inland Sea: Reflections
Our Price: $17.95

The Inland Sea: Reflections – new Audio Book of Lake Poetry by Daniel Lusk published by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

The latest collaboration between Vermont poet Daniel Lusk and the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum has produced the audio book Inland Sea: Reflections. “The Inland Sea,” an old name for the broad lake east of the Champlain Islands, evokes the connection the poet hopes to make between what lies beneath the waters, and our inner selves. In the audio book, Lusk reads 19 recent poems inspired by more than two years of research, interviews with divers, exploring the discoveries of archaeologists, marine biologists, geologists, historians and folklorists – and his own experiences on the lake in all weather.

“Science is not the antithesis of wonder,” muses Lusk, “Indeed, wonder is often what prompts scientific inquiry.” His own fascination with Lake Champlain’s titanic eons of geological evolution, and millennia of natural and human history launched Lusk’s Lake Champlain research and writing project, funded by grants from the Vermont Arts Endowment and UVM. The resulting 37 poems were published by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in 2011 in the volume Lake Studies: Meditations on Lake Champlain.

A naturalist and singer as well as writer, Lusk now shares these poems about the lake and its creatures in a personal and intimate recording, inviting us to welcome this melding of knowledge, mystery and lore into our own experience and inner lives. A Senior Lecturer in English Emeritus of the University of Vermont, Lusk is available for poetry readings, workshops, and master classes in poetry writing and teaching. Lusk can be reached at .

Inland Sea: Reflections
1 Introduction (:35)
2 A Note to the Listener (1:19)
3 Prelude (:49)
4 Story (1:14)
5 Drowned Lands (1:30)
6 People (1:30)
7 Nocturne (1:30)
8 Nighthawks (1:08)
9 Vessel (3:15)
10 Lake Apparition (2:56)
11 Hither (1:35)
12 Au Clair de la Lune (3:13)
13 Roa, Rabbit (3:25)
14 Backroom of the Alchemist (1:09)
15 Etude (1:34)
16 Souls by Water (3:01)
17 Lepistoste Osseux (0:00)
18 Diaptomus among the Daphnia (2:33)
19 Salon Noir (:58)
20 Seeing the Bottom Off Thompson’s Point (:33)
21 Sunset on Malletts Bay (1:20)

Total Playing Time: 35 minutes

Operation Spitfire
Operation Spitfire
Our Price: $12.00

In this documentary Operation Spitfire, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum's deep water dive team inspects the gunboat Spitfire, a survivor of Benedict Arnold's fleet from the October 11th, 1776 Battle of Valcour Island. On their annual inspection visit to this incredible shipwreck, the dive team checks for damage to this national treasure, and evaluates the imminent threat of zebra mussels. Join LCMM in the search for ways to preserve this important site for the American public as museum researchers race against time to identify the best options for Spitfire's long-term preservation before the shipwreck is buried beneath the threatened invasion of Quagga mussels.

Duration of video: 26 minutes.
A Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and Shadows and Light Production. 2009.
Life on Lake Champlain CD
Life on Lake Champlain CD
Our Price: $15.00

This CD is an exciting, lively and richly entertaining collection of songs and stories of the lake presented by guest musicians and the Museum’s own educators. Eighteen pages of notes with song lyrics and historical background of each song complement the musical CD.
1. Horses Walking on Water - Matthew Witten
2. A Tropical Sea - Matthew Witten
3. Philomene Gets Respect - told by Jane Vincent
4. Macdonough's Fleet - Viveka Fox, performed by Atlantic Crossing
5. Jefferson and Madison Tour the North - Matthew Witten
6. Black Snake and the Fly - Pete Sutherland
7. Whaleboats on Lake Champlain?! - told by Dale Henry
8. Song of the Canal - Traditional
9. Kid's Life on a Sailing Canal Boat - Matthew Witten
10. Wreck of the Champlain II - told by Erick Tichonuk
11. Attend All Ye Drivers - Traditional, adapted by Matthew Witten
12. How to Set an Anchor - told by Matthew Witten
13. Wakefield Heroes - Matthew Witten
14. The Story of Ojihozo - told by Joe and Jesse Bruchac
15. The Indian Road - Pete Sutherland
16. Plankton Puzzle - Matthew Witten
17. Little Ice Shanty - Sheldon Posen
Champlain Bridge Video - DVD
Champlain Bridge Video - DVD
Our Price: $7.95

View the Champlain Bridge as it was when it opened in 1929. At the time, it was thought to be the pinnacle of technology, joining the states of New York and Vermont across Lake Champlain. Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the bridge is slated for demolition due to unsafe conditions. This 6-minute film was produced by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in 1999. It combines video from the 1929 grand opening of the bridge with historic photographs. Narrated by LCMM Co-Founder Art Cohn.
6 minutes. 1999, LCMM.
DVD - The Key to Liberty and a Tale of Three Gunboats
DVD - The Key to Liberty and a Tale of Three Gunboats
Our Price: $12.00

Produced by LCMM, our two most popular videos featured in our Revolutionary War exhibit are included on this DVD.  The Key to Liberty gives an in-depth portrayal of the dramatic Battle of Valcour Island, on October 11, 1776.  A Tale of Three Gunboats outlines the history of three Lake Champlain gunboats: the Philadelphia, which sank during the Battle of Valcour Island, LCMM's replica of this boat, the Philadelphia II; and the last remaining gunboat Spitfire, still shipwrecked in the deep waters of Lake Champlain.  

26 minutes total.